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Are you considering replacing the windows or doors of your property? Have you considered hurricane impact windows & doors?  Replacing windows and doors can be a critical step in increasing the functionality and even beauty of your property.

Here at Broward County Area for – we view ourselves as advocates of local home and business owners who are undertaking or studying the undertaking of replacing windows and doors.

We help you address questions such as:

  • Can you use standard products or are hurricane protection products the right fit? 
  • Does it make sense from a cost/benefit standpoint to consider protection oriented products?
  • How do impact rated windows and doors affect the aesthetics of your property?

We want to be a resource you can turn to for straightforward information to help you evaluate the advantages and even potential drawbacks to the various window and door alternatives that exist today.

We offer both standard windows & doors as well as hurricane protection products and are fully dedicated to educating you on the options that you can make the best choice for your individual needs.

This page will offer a little more information on hurricane rated products and why you may want to consider these products.

South Florida Hurricane Protection Regulations

We the residents of South Florida are compelled to take the necessary precautions to protect your properties from the violent weather patterns & events unique to our area.

Local building codes now call for a base level of protection for all new construction. This means that, at a minimum, we must protect vulnerable standard glass doors and windows with hurricane shutters.

While hurricane shutters can provide an excellent level of protection some turn to impact rated windows and doors. These products offer protection, convenience and contemporary impact doors and windows can even upgrade the beauty of your property.

Why Does One Need Hurricane Protection for Windows & Doors?

During a hurricane or violent storm high winds can place an excessive amount of pressure on the windows and doors of your property.

The compromise of one of a vulnerable window or door can have a devastating impact on your property if high winds from outside are able to breach the interior of your structure.
The invading wind can create big differential between the interior air pressure of your proper and the external air pressure. This trapped pressure seeks a way to escape and the result can weaken the entire structure. In a case such as this the roof and walls of the structure become vulnerable and can result in catastrophic damage.

In addition to the danger from high winds – airborne flying debris can be allowed to enter your property through a blown out window or door posing significant risk to the dwellings occupants.

What Exactly are Impact Windows and Doors?

Fort-Lauderdale-Hurricane-Impact-Windows-DemoImpact windows & doors are built using glass that is shatter proof and attached to a very heavy duty frame.

This glass is impact resistant and shatter-proof as it consists of a double layer of glass that tempered or annealed and is bonded to an inner membrane. The center membrane holds the glass intact so that even if the glass were to break the unit stays intact and continuing to repel dangerous high winds and flying debris.

Impact glass not only serves to protect against violent storms – it also also can serve to protect against intruders trying to breach your structure through vulnerable doors and windows.

Impact Ratings

All of our impact windows are engineered to withstand winds upwards of 300 MPH and provide critical protection from flying debris as well.

All Broward County Area for windows are built to conform to the most stringent of testing standards – The Dade County Large Missle-Impact and Cyclic Pressure Test.

Advantages of Impact Windows?

When you take into account the many benefits of impact windows and doors you can see these products and be an outstanding long-term investment.

Protection from Hurricane Wind & Flying Debris that is Essentially Maintenance-Free

Standard hurricane shutters or panels require you to prepare for approaching weather by putting up and taking down panels or re-positioning shutters into place. Impact windows and doors are always ready for the next storm and allow you to be prepared for bad weather without even lifting a finger.

Protection from Break-Ins

A large number of break-ins are committed by the burglar accessing the structure through vulnerable window or doors. The protective aspect of impact windows & doors serve a secondary purpose in that extremely difficult to penetrate and thus can prevent break-ins.

Better Energy Efficiency

The installation of impact windows and doors can help generate some nice savings on your utility bill. Standard single-glazed window allow the transfer of heat and cold from outside to the interior of your property.  Impact glass windows and doors have a double-glazing and heavy duty framing that offers higher degrees of insulation and energy-efficiency. 

Energy Star rated impact windows & doors have been shown to produce a 40% reduction in energy consumption – which is an investment that can pay for itself over time.

Insurance Discounts

Naturally insurance companies want to work with homeowners who reduce liability by taking the proper steps to protect their homes. Taking protective measure by installing impact resistant windows and doors can result in credits and rebates from certains insurance providers.

Noise-Reduction Properties

Impact windows and doors can cut the outside noise that enters your property by up to 50%. These products can help make your home or office a more tranquil environment which is especially beneficial to those residing in urban or higher-traffic areas.

UV Protection Against the Sun’s Damaging Rays

Impact windows & doors can block 99% of ultraviolet light. This can be a benefit that many over look in that this UV exposure can fade & discolor draperies, furniture & carpeting over time.

Impact Windows & Doors Let the Light in While Protecting Your Family

Hurricane panels or shutters require you to close out all light coming through windows & doors & turn your property into a lightless bunker. Impact windows & doors allow you to let the sunlight in during a storm providing additional convenience & peace of mind.

Modern Impact Windows & Impact Doors Can Upgrade the Beauty of Your Property

Contemporary hurricane windows and doors come in an array of styles and colors that can add tremendous elegance to your property. Windows and doors can range the architectural spectrum to match the style and grace that South Florida is known for. Glass can come in an array of beautiful colors and tints such as blues, greens bronzes and grays.

We invite you experience the Broward County Area for difference.  Give us a call today to discuss your Fort Lauderdale hurricane impact windows or impact doors project. 

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